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I wait for you

Like waves hurrying back to the shore

My feet always run back to you

Do you love me yet?






To fit the shape of me

Can I have some more of your attention?

Just a drop

To hold me through the dessert of your passive glances

Can I trickle through your mind

A little more

So I know you’ve seen the ghost of me

Breeze past your defenses

But she waits at the door

Guarding your deepest trenches

Don’t let her strangle my love down to mere affection

I promise to treat you with gentle palms

Maybe if I retreat

You’ll grow fonder

She’ll be the one to disappear

Like sea foam on tips of your fingers

I want to be the one that lingers

From your rise to your sunsets

Instead of being the sand on your shores

Roll her back with the tides

When I come back to your side

I promise I’ll be weightless

Dip yourself in my ocean

Drown your heart in my hands

Wave after wave after wave after wave

I’ll wait for you

Image by Baran Lotfollahi

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